A Brief History

Nerf wars have been going on for decades since Nerf blasters hit store shelves. However, there are a multitude of rules and game types people use to play. If you are just starting out, looking to throw the most awesome Nerf party, or just curious, here are the most basic rules you need to have in place to make sure you have a fun, safe time during your own Nerf battles.

A basic Nerf War is a lot like the game of tag. You don’t want to get hit by the darts of the other players. If you do, you’ll sit out until the next round.

Rules at a Glance


  • Nerf blasters
  • People

Other Details to Consider

  • Large playing area
  • Any natural or constructred cover

The Complete Rules to a Basic Nerf Way

Players bring their favorite blaster from their Nerf armory and all gather at a location where the Nerf war is going to take place. This is usually a church, backyard, park or indoor play zone. Players can either break into teams or it can be an “everyone for themselves” type round.

Bring plenty of dart ammo since it is bound to be fun and you’ll want to keep playing. 


Tag other players with your darts. Be the last person standing.

Gameplay for a basic Nerf War

Once the game begins, players will need to find cover so they aren’t hit by flying Nerf darts. If a player is hit by a dart, they must raise their hand and leave the boundaries of play. The player with their hand raise is off limits to shoot with a Nerf blaster, as they are out of the game and are unable to shoot back. 

The game continues until one player is left standing in the battle field. If the game continues for a long time, players can elect to implement a “final round” timer so the game doesn’t last too long when the remaining players are left on the field. 

Play Boundries

It’s important to define the bounds of play. To keep the game fair, having a set area like a park or indoor play zone is key to keeping the game moving. Basements, homes and backyards are also places many Nerf Wars take place. For safety, make sure every is clear as to where they can and cannot go.

More Information about a Nerf War

You can modify the rules to suit your liking. Adding a round timer makes the game more hectic. You can also create squads of teams to play in grounds in a high-stakes game of tag. 

You can also think of different limits to the types of Nerf blasters you can bring to the battle. Some people play pistols only, others have restrictions against dart ammo types like mega darts of rockets.

The Best Nerf Guns for a Nerf War

Some players take it very seriously and gear up for all out Nerf war. Players in the serious category typically like to carry a primary blaster, usually one with easily changeable dart magazines. They’ll also carry a sidearm or a secondary blaster that is a last resort for an intense battle over a flad. To carry it all, players will wear tactical vests that can hold all their gear. 

Here is an Example Nerf Battle Loadout