This week, I decided to make a change. To most people, it feels like a small change based on feedback. To me, it feels like the most massive tectonic shift since my first video on Tiktok went viral

When I originally created my Instagram and Tiktok accounts, I wanted to optimize for in-app search. With Nerf in my username, I hoped people would find me organically. Maybe some did, but what really helped were two things: 1.) Consistency. 2.) Continuous quality improvements

After awhile, there was SOMETHING that bothered me about the username, a part from using a brand name that wasn’t technically mine. What bothered me was I was expanding beyond just talking about Nerf and I hadn’t posted a single battle or war. 

That said, expect the BULK of content to still be about foam dart blasters. I love Nerf, the history, the blasters, the gimmicks. The only thing that changed is the name matching the scope of my channel and how I wish to grow it. 

Now, you’ll be able to find me across social media at @RyFiChannel. It’s a little bit techy (WiFi), it’s a little bit my favorite story genre (Sci Fi), it’s a little bit retro (Hi-Fi), and it really feels good. 

Also, a huge thanks to TrixShotSam for some fantastic brainstorming.


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